Board of India?

Okay so you’ve either been to India or heard a friend talk about his or her experience there. From the early backpacker reflecting on life while on a beach in Goa, to the adventurer in the Ladakh Himalayas, from the family who saw the Tiger in the jungle, to the couple who fell in love all over again in a palace in Rajasthan. You’ve been, seen, or heard, it all….or so you think!

Check out these new age skateboard hippies as they show you a new way to travel through what we (biasedly so!) believe is one of the greatest places in the world to explore….

Patrick Wallner, director and editor, documented four skaters’ journey across India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Although he may have set out on a project to capture “footage of four wheels rotating”, what he ended up with was a sensitive portrayal of four young men embracing South Asian culture. They even attempt to fit in by dying their hair with henna!

This film directed by Studio Ores and Guilhem Machenaud, for Oxelo Skateboards, features some talented riders and incredible architecture. The scenes in Jaipur at the Nahargarh Fort are stunning. The film also features a skate park in Bangalore; hopefully we will be seeing some home-grown talent in years to come.

Boris Proust is a gifted man, both skating in and shooting this video. Filled with stunning sunsets, great skating, and a lovely montage of day-to-day India, this is a fitting video to end on.

These videos, as much as any others we have come across, are a testament to the warm and accessible culture of South Asia but also the diversity of adventurers that end up here.

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