About Natural Mystic

What we do:

Here at Natural Mystic, we’re destination experts. We specialize in just five wonderful places: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and The Maldives where we have a wealth of real local knowledge.

We do three special things: Tailor-made Travel, Events and Location Management.

And when we say tailor-made – we really mean that. No pre-packaged itineraries or ‘one-size-fits-all’ parties. We’ll start with your dreams… and a blank sheet of paper. We hope that this blog will provide inspiration, guidance and information for all those wishing to set off on the luxury holiday of a lifetime. In order to achieve this, we’ll be posting dream itineraries for ideas, travel tips for practical help and lots of our own personal experiences.

We have over 15 years’ experience making magic for some of the world’s most discerning individuals and businesses. So whether you’re planning a party somewhere fabulous, aching for adventure or dreaming of relaxing in a hidden corner, we can take you there – and make it perfect.

Meet the Team:

Asheesh Malaney

Born and raised in India, Asheesh is the founder of Natural Mystic South Asia. After spending 7 years in the USA, he returned home to pursue his dream of making a life in the outdoors.

Prior to Natural Mystic he spent 4 years as an undergraduate at the Wharton School of Business and thereafter 2 successful years in New York with Gemini Consulting, one of the top Management Consulting firms in the world. While at Gemini his assignments took him all over the U.S., Canada, Finland and India. His love for travelling has also taken him through most of Europe, North America and Asia.

The early years of Natural Mystic saw him diving in untouched coral islands off southwest India, exploring the Rajasthani countryside and villages on horseback, trekking around the Himalayas and visiting the most beautiful regions of South Asia. Thus inspired, he went on to set up and manage all Natural Mystic’s operations. With an MBA from INSEAD, he continues to manage the business affairs and his zest for travel is still very much alive.

Nikhilendra Singh

Nikhilendra has been with Natural Mystic South Asia since its inception and is currently the joint director and head of operations. A native of Jodhpur, Nikhilendra makes for the perfect trip co-coordinator with his amiable style, rich travel experience and knowledge of South Asia.

He now has over 15 years of experience when it comes to managing trips, events, locations and retreats for our extremely diverse clientele from around the world. His expertise in this field has resulted in a second career of sorts as a travel writer for several magazines.

Since riding with Asheesh whilst at boarding school and playing squash for India, Nikhilendra has also gone on to pursue a life with horses and is currently a professional polo player on the Jodhpur polo team. His polo endeavors have taken him to England, Kenya, France, Brazil and Mongolia! Nikhilendra is very much hands on, and will often form an integral part of your Natural Mystic experience, managing the details and liaising with you from the very beginning.

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